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Thierry Garby
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During his carrier as an attorney at the Paris bar, dealing mainly with international litigation and arbitration, Thierry studied, practiced and started teaching negotiation. He became a mediator in 1998. In 2010, he left the legal profession to become a full time trainer, mediator and arbitrator.

He is the founder of the World Forum of Mediation Centres, which brings together mediators and managers of mediation centres from around the world every 9 months.

He is the author of several books on conflict management, negotiation and mediation. At the beginning of 2016, he published Agreed! Negotiation and Mediation in the 21st Century with the publication services of the International Chamber of Commerce

He is a mediator with most international mediation centres and particularly with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). He is also a judge and a mediator in the ICC annual mediation competition.

He trains mediators all around the world through Bars and Law Societies, Universities, International Organizations, Chambers of commerce, mediation institutions etc.

He is a certified mediator with the International Mediation Institute and with the French Institute for the Certification of Mediators.

He was a mediator with the World Bank Group and the United Nations.

He mediated several hundred cases and arbitrated several dozen cases domestically and internationally in all sorts of technical areas.

Thierry Garby also offers his services to help resolve domestic or international political conflicts.

Thierry is bilingual French and English.