During his career as a lawyer at the Paris Bar, specializing in international litigation and arbitration, Thierry studied, practiced and began teaching negotiation. He became a mediator in 1998. In 2010, he left the legal profession to become a full-time trainer, mediator and arbitrator.

He is the founder of the World Forum of Mediation Centers which brings together mediators and mediation center leaders from around the world every nine months.

He is the author of several books on conflict management, negotiation and mediation. In particular, he published in 2004 "La Gestion des conflits" at Editions Economica and in 2016 "D'accord ! Négociation-médiation au XXIème siècle" published by the International Chamber of Commerce.

It trains mediators around the world through bar associations, universities, international organizations, chambers of commerce, mediation institutions, etc.

He is a mediator and arbitrator with most of the international arbitration and mediation centers and particularly with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). He is also a judge and mediator in the International Mediation Competition organized annually by the ICC.

He is a certified mediator by the International Mediation Institute and by the French Institute of Mediator Certification. He has been trained by IFOMENE, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Brussels Bar Association and has attended several courses at Harvard.

He has been a mediator for the World Bank and the United Nations.

He has experience in several hundred mediations and dozens of arbitrations in domestic and international matters in all technical fields.

Thierry Garby also offers his services for the resolution of the internal or international political conflicts.

Thierry is bilingual in French and English.

The practice of Thierry Garby frees the word and brings subtly each part on the way of a better understanding of the opposite point of view. It is a whole art which consists thanks to a serious and pragmatic knowledge of the file and a certain sense of diplomacy to intervene at the right moment in order to overcome the blocking points. Convinced of the relevance of the MARD by principle I particularly appreciated Thierry's know-how and noted that this point of view was shared by the customers.

I participated as a lawyer in several mediations led by Mr. Thierry GARBY, one of which was very complex and made difficult by the bad faith of one of the parties.
His great mastery of mediation has always allowed the debate to progress and by the only game of a re-established communication to unravel situations a priori inextricable.
Having participated in other mediations under the aegis of other mediators, I can say that Mr. Thierry GARBY practices mediation as an art with humanity and efficiency.

How can I thank you for this extraordinary experience in such a special time.
You immediately responded to my request to create a training group during the confinement (such a troubled period when I noticed, more than ever, that antagonisms were exacerbated and that we had to react urgently).
Thanks to your efficient technique mixing pedagogy, benevolence and patience, you knew how to train us, even though we are experienced lawyers and sometimes stubborn and rebellious for some of us, to this indispensable mission of social peace.
Thanks to you, the knowledge acquired will allow me to approach future mediations with a formidable wealth of experience.
Thank you for agreeing to share this with us and we look forward to new and exciting exchanges.

Mr. Garby was recommended to me in an attempt to reconcile opposing positions on the evaluation of a financial loss. I was dubious, to say the least, as to whether an agreement could be reached. Mr. Garby did not let himself be taken for granted. By unlocking the psychological locks of the parties, he succeeded in changing their positions and finally reached an agreement. I was enthusiastic about his method and his ability to make all the parties involved in the mediation listen to reason.

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