Refer to Mediation Resolution

You have agreed to mediation with the other party or parties and have identified the right mediator:

you just have to contact him. His email address and phone number are listed on his profile page.


You have agreed to mediate with the other party or parties but you do not know which mediator you need:

contact any of us who will guide you in your choice. This service is free.


You are wondering if mediation is a good solution for your case or at the stage your case is at:

contact any of us. We will be happy to discuss with you the criteria for your choice and the right profile. This service is free of charge.


You are convinced that you need to go through mediation but you do not know how to propose it to the other party so that it has a serious chance of success:

contact any one of us who will help you think through and suggest a method for success.


You think we're all great and don't know who to choose among us:

Feel free to interview all of us. One of us will probably inspire more confidence than the others and you will know who to choose. There is no difficulty in undertaking this process alone or with the other party or parties. It is even recommended.