On décembre 5, 2019

Recent developments and soft law in ADR. Thierry Garby

UIA 15th Winter Seminar: Recent Legal Developments and Soft Law

M&A, Corporate Law, Sports & Entertainment Law, White Collar Crimes and Dispute Resolution

Seminar organised by the UIA, co-sponsored by the ABA Litigation Section and the ABA Section of International Law

This UIA 15th Winter Seminar promises to be again very exceptional. Part of the magic of the UIA Winter Seminar is its informal and dynamic nature. Half of the time of each presentation is dedicated to Q & A in which other delegates can share experiences from their own practices, keeping everyone entertained and involved.

At the 15th Winter Seminar, the aim is again to bring together delegates from various UIA Commissions, lawyers and other legal professionals, practicing in different areas and coming from all over the world, thereby facilitating and fostering an interdisciplinary and transnational exchange with fruitful discussions on recent legal developments and soft law in the fields of M&A, Corporate Law, Sports & Entertainment Law, White Collar Crimes and Dispute Resolution.


Thursday morning March 26 program is dedicated to Recent developments and soft law in ADR, and Thierry Garby, together with Alessia Sialino – Studio Legale Sialino, Udine, Italy – will be speaking about the following topics :

  • Mediation of sports disputes
  • Handling disputes with web intermediaries
  • Resolving disputes between Authors vs. Producers: is there a best ADR ?
  • Handling disputes in software game development
  • Is there a soft law of ADR ?
  • Arbitration and mediation to soften the law




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