Emotions: The Secret Path to Resolution – Thierry Garby

Emotions: the secret path to Resolution

Thierry GARBY joined the Garibaldi ADR Inn of Court online monthly meeting to lead a discussion about emotions in mediation.

One of the most important yet overlooked aspects of a mediation process is how to respectfully and skillfully handle the various emotions in the room. Neurosciences show that emotions are unavoidable and provide the energy to make any decision. How can mediators use emotions to help parties resolve their differences?

Thierry Garby provided his perspectives on this critical skill set for all mediators:

« The key to resolution is to try to help people feel positive emotions so that they fell like resolving the conflict. » « YES becomes a possibility. »

« There is no information without emotion. » « In any information there are 3 levels: the first one and more important is emotion – then identity – lastly comes the information itself »

« Emotions come first, emotions are the engine and the fuel, the gas; reason would be the driving wheel »

« We should make reasonable choices… but there is no such a thing ! »

And you, how do you deal with emotions during a mediation, your emotions, the parties’s emotions?

Are you scared by them and choose to ignore them?

Do you welcome them?

Do you consider emotions to be useful for the mediation process?

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