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A French and Swiss national, Michèle Weil-Guthmann has held positions as “Magistrat” at the Ministry of Justice and in several courts. She covered a wide range of areas of law as a judge and in 1998, she became Vice-President at the Paris High Court.

She also served as a diplomat and became the legal advisor of the Permanent Representation of France to the United Nations in Geneva, representing France in many multilateral negotiations, including the work of the UN Compensation Committee on Gulf War (UNCC) set up by the Security Council after the first Gulf War, and in the field of intellectual property.

In 2005, she joined the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva and became director of the General Director's Office. In this context, she participated in most policy discussions on intellectual property and the Organization as a whole.

A Honorary Judge since 2010, at the crossing and in the continuity of her previous professional experiences, Michèle Weil-Guthmann chose to practise amicable settlement of disputes as a mediator, and good corporate governance as a certified independent corporation board member. She is now mainly a mediator / arbitrator and trainer.

She practices mediation in France and Switzerland, often serving courts and courts of appeal. She is accredited and practises at the request of many mediation centres, national and international arbitration at the Centre for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris (CMAP), the Institute of Expertise Arbitration and Mediation (IEAM), the National Chamber of Mediation Practitioners (CNPM), the Association of European Mediators (AME); the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (CSMC), the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the ADR Center of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). She is a Distinguished Fellow of the IAM (International Academy of Mediators) and a sworn mediator in Switzerland (Geneva and Vaud).

She has mediation experience in various areas (business, labour, family, inheritance, partition, intellectual property, international).

She is also the mediator at the Development Bank of the Council of Europe (CEB).

Active in promoting mediation, she is a director of the European Association of Judges for Mediation (GEMME), both at the European and French levels. She was the general secretary of GEMME Europe.

Finally, she is regularly involved as a trainer in educational centres and as a judge or mediator in international mediation competitions.

She works in French and English.