Conflict mediation

We work with all types of conflicts : court-ordered mediations, mediations by agreement between the parties and « institutional mediation » (at the request of a mediation center which can be instructed by a court or the parties).ceci est un texte blanc pas beau du tout.

Business Mediation, Deal Mediation

We also intervene to facilitate the negotiation or renegotiation of contracts or agreements within a company or between businesses.


In court-ordered mediations and in accordance with the law, our fees are set by the judge. In conventional and in deal mediations, our fees are calculated on a time spent basis. In some cases, a fixed fee may be considered. Overall, fees depend on the size and complexity of the case. If necessary, we request that the parties bear costs such as meeting room rental, conference, travel, accommodation, etc.


In conventional and in deal mediations, a contract must be signed between the parties and the mediator. This contract indicates the fee calculation mode.

To see our standard contract, please click here.


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