Prune Schimmel-Bauer is an attorney at the Paris Bar.

She has been involved in business law and real estate law, both as counsel and in litigation, for 18 years. She has assisted her clients in judicial mediation and in negotiating and resolving their disputes out of court when such solutions were necessary (particularly in relations between lessors and tenants, project managers and project owners, co-owners' associations and co-owners, partners, etc.).

Convinced that mediation, piloted and supervised by a duly trained professional third party, is the opportunity given to the parties to reach a solution that they themselves have chosen and negotiated, often more satisfactory than a decisive decision rendered by the sword of justice.

Prune has been trained in interest-based negotiation and mediation.

She therefore now also works as a judicial mediator, appointed by the Courts, and as a conventional mediator, appointed by the parties themselves.

His experience of the judicial process, its hazards and delays, and his mastery of mediation allow him to bring out the interests and needs of the parties and to accompany them in the prevention of their potential conflicts, as well as in the resolution of their judicial disputes.