is a group of mediators sharing:


MEDIATION and RESOLUTION mediators have all acquired extensive professional experience as magistrates, lawyers, architects, diplomats or legal directors. They all have many years of experience in mediation (up to twenty years). They have been involved in mediation in various areas of civil and commercial business life: construction, inheritance, disputes between partners, debt recovery, commercial leases, banking, insurance, professional liability, distribution, commercial agency, franchising, joint ventures, intellectual property, IT projects, employment law, etc.


MEDIATION & RESOLUTION mediators all chose an international career. Some of them have lived abroad. They all speak and are able to conduct mediations in at least two languages. They all have experience in international mediation, which implies availability, openness and taking into account the different cultures and rights of the parties, both during the preparation and organisation of the mediation process and in the identification of possible solutions and finally during the implementation of means to secure the agreement between the parties.


MEDIATION & RESOLUTION mediators have all been trained in mediation in several countries. In addition to their continuous training, they regularly undergo practice analysis sessions and exchanges between mediators both in their own country and abroad, as well as at international seminars and meetings. They are all accredited in several mediation centres at national and international level. They meet the national legal requirements of "certified mediators" or are certified by at least one body independent of mediation centres and training institutes: International Mediation Institute (IMI), Institut Français de Certification des Médiateurs (IFCM), Fédération Suisse des Associations de Médiation (FSM). This is a guarantee of the highest quality of service.


Mediation is the main activity of all MEDIATION & RESOLUTION mediators. They make themselves available as a priority for their mediation activities in order to meet the parties' expectations, in a flexible manner for the implementation of a fast, custom-made process, in the location and framework of the parties' choice, and according to the rules which they choose, including, for example, co-mediation or med-arb (mediation-arbitration). Because they know that the satisfaction of those who advocate their interventions (judges, mediation centres) and the satisfaction of the parties and their counsel is a prerequisite for the development and smooth running of their activity.


offers several guarantees of skill and efficiency


For years, we have been regularly appointed by courts and courts of appeal , pretigious national and international mediation centres, by large national and international groups and by major law firms, all of which recognize our skills as civil and commercial mediators.

We are asked to assess the skills of other mediators.

Some of us are well-known trainers in negotiation and mediation.

We are recognized by our peers and professionals involved in the world of mediation.


We all have strong specializations in certain fields. We will not develop this here because we are not searching for expert missions. We are mediators. We adapt to all circumstances, issues and cultural differences or approaches.

We know that we do not talk the same way to an artist, a legal director of a large group or a small business owner, or a financier or investor. Thus, our job is to help all actors in economic life to interact with each other, regardless of their origins, training, social level and functions.


We share the same values: a sense of enterprise, intellectual discipline, flexibility and imagination, a taste for agreement and harmony, and a respect for differences.

We have a common goal: agreement.

We are "solution-oriented".

We are proud of our abilities and results. This allow us to be strict about the process.

But we will remain humble in that only the view and interest of the parties and their counsel matter. Our own ideas on the merits of the case will always give way before the partie's.

We will persevere as long as there is hope of an agreement or a solution, unless you stop us.